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Energy Education

The process of becoming energy-efficient can seem overwhelming at first. There is so much "green" advice, and yet it isn't always clear where to turn for reliable information and support. Even when you decide to make improvements, getting a handle on the incentives, rebates and tax credits available can be difficult.


Nexus Energy Solutions (NES) is committed to sharing proven information and shedding light on all the options so that you can make good decisions. For instance, in a study by William Fisk, green buildings were found to add $20 to $160 billion in increased worker productivity every year.1


Similarly, we are dedicated to clarifying the cost of doing nothing. Building owners may think they are saving money by putting off green measures, but think again. As their capital equipment's efficiency decreases, their utility expenses and repairs go up. Utility rate increases only add to the cost of operating energy-inefficient systems.


On these pages and in person, the Nexus team is focused on your energy education.


1. Fisk, William J. 2000. Health and Productivity Gains from Better Indoor Environments and Their Relationship with Building Energy Efficiency. Annual Review of Energy and Environment 25: 537-66.

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