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Energy Guidance Maintenance & Monitoring

As more companies adopt the use of solar power, the financial benefits of solar become an integral part of their productivity and efficiency. Nexus Energy Solutions is a solar installation company with the expertise and experience to evaluate the current energy usage of a property, find innovative ways to reduce and optimize energy consumption, and carry out a state-of-the-art solar installation for commercial buildings. Our project managers and installers provide expertise in capital equipment replacement and lighting retrofits, as well as top notch solar installations, including advanced BAS (Building automation systems) and smart grid technology implementation.

PVT, or photovoltaic technology, has advanced in power, output, efficiency, and ROI over recent years, making a solar installation for commercial buildings more feasible in the short term and more reliable, low maintenance and more cost effective over the long term. With a comprehensive overhaul of a business’ energy usage, Nexus Energy Solutions can help you achieve immediate savings of 30% or more, with increased financial benefits over the next 20 years. The financial benefits of solar have attracted more and more businesses to make the switch, and to take more control over their power generation. Getting off the grid has never been easier and the benefits have never been more apparent. Nexus Energy can also implement automated systems like BAS and smart grid technology, providing tools for companies to closely monitor their daily energy usage and make adjustments to their day-to-day operations. NES will help your facility achieve nationally and internationally recognized green standards of excellence such as LEED certification and the Energy Star label, in order to qualify for tax breaks and other regulatory incentives.

Protect the bottom line of your business with a solar installation by Nexus Energy Solutions. For well established companies who want to make their facilities energy efficient and reduce their dependence on the grid, a solar installation for commercial buildings has proven to be a sound investment, one that continues to offer the financial benefits of solar from sunup to sundown.

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