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Energy Guidance Maintenance & Monitoring
Solar Installations

NES installation teams offer seamless integration of the onsite work around your daily operations. We stick to the schedule you’ve approved, perform all required services and fully focus on your project to get the job done right – and right on time.


We are a PA Sunshine Program Approved Contractor
Before and After photos of solar installations.

400 watt mercury vapor HID

Consumed 460 watts = $264 per fixture/yr

Produced 25 foot-candles

210 watt HIF T8

Consumes 235 watts = $135 per fixture/yr

Produces 75 foot-candles


Our project managers and installers provide expertise in:
Capital Equipment Replacement
Lighting Retrofits
Solar Installations
BAS and Smart Grid Technology Implementation

Expert work from NES can help your facility achieve LEED certification, the Energy Star label and other nationally and internationally recognized green standards of excellence. Your clients, employees and the community at large will know that your building meets strict performance guidelines, using less energy and emitting fewer greenhouse gases than other facilities. Imagine that!

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